Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya ?

Maine Pyaar Kiya ? narrates the love story between a doctor and his nurse. Generally doctors dominates his nurses but David Dhavan reversed the style and raised laughs in theaters. This movie was first hit for Katrina Kaif.


Sameer (Salman Khan) is a handsome doctor, most of his female patients falls for his charming personality. But his Naina (Sushmita Sen) who is his nurse, never looks to him. Sameer makes his attempts to attract Naina but fails. One a patient Sonia (Katrina Kaif) proposes to Sameer. First he rejects her love also as like remaining patients by saying that, he is already married.


But later he attracts towards Sonia and creates fake divorce. Pyaare (Sohail Khan) who is neighbour of Sonia know every thing about this drama. He is also in love with Sonia, he always tries to destroy Sameer’s plans. When Sameer’s mother enters (Beena Kak) into the scene, Sameer situation went too worst. But he manages to every one to agree for his marriage with Sonia. But Sonia notices his real love about Naina and sends him to win Naina.Sameer catches Naina in airport just before she catching the flight for Canada.

Arshad Warsi and Isha Koppikar were appeared in another two imoprtant roles.


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