Dil was Aamir Khan‘s movie in his early stages of career. He has paired opposite Madhuri Dixit in this movie. Anupam Kher has appeared as Aamir Khan’s father. AnandMilind are the music directors.

Raja (Aamir Khan) is the only son for miser Hazari Prasad (Anupam Kher). Hazari Prasad wants his son to marry a rich girl. He starts to search a girl who brings a more dowry. One he meets a rich business man Mr Mehra who has only daughter Madhu (Madhuri Dixit). Hazari, makes Mr Mehra to believe that, he is also a rich business man.

Hazari and Mehra says to their children about this news. When Raja and Madhu meets, they disagrees for this marriage. They both have great rivalry in college. Later Madhu falls for Raja due to his honesty and nature. When they comes to their houses. Their parents are not ready for this marriage,because Mehra noticed the real identity of Hazari. Raja and Madhu leaves their homes.

They spends happy life for some days. Meanwhile Raja meets with an accident where he is working. Madhu begs her father and father-in-law for money. They agrees on one condition that is, she has to leave Raja after his recovery. But Raja catches her in Airport and they both reunites.


Deven Verma and johnny Lever were appeared in two key roles. Madhuri Dixit won Filmfare best actress award for her performance. Indra Kumar was director for this movie


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